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Welcome!  CVC Rescue is comprised of a few devoted Vizsla lovers and CVC members.  The chairman and coordinator of the Rescue Committee is Pat Hudson.  Our committee abides by the Vizsla Club of America's guidelines and ethics, and by committee guidelines.

Most dogs that come into our rescue program are surrendered by their owner, for various reasons.  Occasionally we rescue Vizslas from local shelters.  We currently are only able to assist in purebred Vizsla rescue.    

All dogs in our program receive a veterinary wellness exam, are updated on their vaccinations and are spayed/neutered.  The adoption fee is $300.  Occasionally we have dogs that require serious and expensive surgery.  In these rare cases we try to raise funds to support these dogs.  Your monetary support helps to keep our rescue program moving forward. Please consider making a donation.  Visit our How You Can Help page for other measures on how you can support Vizsla rescue.  Thanks for stopping by!
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